Welcome to Miraaya Sundara Island Villa: Your Peaceful Haven, Where Your Privacy Matters Most

Nestled by the peaceful charm of Alappuzha's backwaters, our villa invites you with open arms and warm greetings. Our 2-bedroom island villa, fondly called 2BHK, offers more than a stay—it creates unforgettable memories that stay with you long after you leave.

Pet-Friendly Environment

We understand pets are family too! Your furry friends are welcome to join you on your vacation.

Spacious Lawn

Unwind in our expansive lawn, a perfect spot for relaxation or picnics with your loved ones.

Barbecue Area

Indulge your taste buds with delightful barbecue sessions, creating flavorful memories under the open sky.

Campfire Setup

Gather around the campfire in the evenings for cozy moments and shared stories with fellow travelers.

Scenic Views

Unwind in our expansive lawn, a perfect spot for relaxation or picnics with your loved ones.

Privacy Matters Most

Your privacy is our utmost priority throughout your entire stay. Enjoy your time in complete peace and tranquility.

Upon your arrival, expect nothing short of a heartfelt welcome, setting the tone for your entire stay. Our villa is not just a place to lay your head; it’s a pet-friendly haven where your furry friends are as welcome as you are. Wake up to complimentary breakfasts that fuel your adventures for the day.

Marvel at the spacious lawn where you can unwind, find solace, or have a leisurely picnic. The villa’s architectural design is a seamless blend of culture and tradition, echoing the rich heritage of Alappuzha. Engage your senses in the tantalizing aroma of barbecue wafting through the air. Gather around the campfire in the evening, forging bonds and creating memories that last a lifetime.

We provide extra bedding and linen, ensuring your comfort is never compromised. And when you want to simply soak in the beauty of nature, our villa offers relaxing and scenic views of the Alappuzha backwaters.

Exciting Activities Await You

Discover the essence of Alappuzha through our activities. Cruise the backwaters on a houseboat or paddle through nature's wonders on a kayak. Let our guided tours unveil captivating spots, and witness breathtaking sunsets and sunrises.

As night falls, relish in flavorful barbecues and gather around the campfire for stories and laughter. Immerse in Alappuzha's rich culture, embracing unique traditions. Find peace in the backwaters' tranquil silence, connecting with nature's serenity.

House Boating Adventure

Set sail on a one-of-a-kind journey as you glide through the calm backwaters aboard a traditional houseboat. Let the gentle sway of the boat and the whispering sounds of nature create a serene melody, immersing you in the tranquil embrace of the natural world.

Backwater Kayaking Excursion

Grab a kayak and set off to uncover the secrets of the backwaters. Paddle through meandering waterways, exploring hidden corners and untouched landscapes. Let the rhythmic strokes of your paddle guide you, revealing the beauty of nature's untouched wonders.

Insightful Sightseeing Adventures

Join our expert guides on a captivating journey through Alappuzha's most famous landmarks. Discover the rich tapestry of history and cultural heritage that defines this enchanting region. Our knowledgeable guides will unveil the stories behind each site, offering you a deeper understanding of the area's vibrant past.

Scenic Sunset and Sunrise Excursions

Experience the enchantment of nature's canvas as you join our sunset tours, where the sky comes alive with vibrant hues, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Embrace the tranquility of the early morning with our sunrise tours, immersing yourself in the peaceful serenity of the dawn. Let these moments become cherished memories against the backdrop of the Alappuzha sky.

Savor Flavors at our Barbecue Sessions

Treat your taste buds to a feast of flavors during our sizzling barbecue sessions. The air fills with the irresistible aroma of grilled delights, creating delightful moments that linger in your memory. Indulge in a culinary experience that satisfies your cravings and creates cherished memories.

Campfire Bonding Under the Stars

Join us for cozy campfire evenings beneath the starlit sky. Gather around the flickering flames, share stories, laughter, and forge lasting bonds with your fellow travelers. In the warm glow of the fire, create memories that illuminate the night and stay with you long after your stay at Miraaya Sundara Island Villa.

Dive into Alappuzha's Vibrant Culture

Immerse yourself in the lively culture of Alappuzha. Experience traditional music, dance, and local customs, granting you a profound insight into the region's rich heritage. Engage in authentic cultural practices that will deepen your understanding of the vibrant tapestry that makes Alappuzha truly unique.

Embrace Tranquility by the Backwaters

Discover peace in the tranquil atmosphere of the backwaters. Let the soft lapping of water and the gentle rustling of leaves compose a soothing melody, providing the perfect backdrop for your moments of relaxation. Here, amidst nature's serene symphony, find solace and unwind in the harmony of silence.

Delicious Dining Options (Additional Charge)

Pamper your taste buds with exquisite meals crafted by our talented chefs. Indulge in a delightful array of local delicacies and international favorites, meticulously prepared to tantalize your senses. For your convenience, both lunch and dinner options are available at an extra charge. Treat yourself to a culinary journey that complements the beauty of your surroundings.

Nature Retreat Away from the City

Seek respite from the bustling city life and relish the opportunity to immerse yourself in the serene natural beauty that envelops Miraaya Sundara Island Villa. Let the soothing presence of nature reinvigorate your senses, allowing you to escape the daily hustle and find rejuvenation amidst the tranquility of our surroundings.

We don’t just offer accommodation; we provide a gateway to an unforgettable experience. Come, join us in this oasis of tranquility, and let the beauty of Alappuzha’s backwaters enchant you.

Welcoming you to our peaceful Haven